Membership & Fees


You are welcome to attend any of our classes. For more information, please contact Ayyub Bhikoo,, 021 181 3165


JKA Auckland Fees: 

Fees are due at the beginning of each term and must be paid promptly. You can pay by direct credit or cash. 

  • Annual Registration payable when joining and then January of each year $75.00

  • JKA International Passport $25

  • Adults & Students  term fee to be paid by Direct Debit: $200.00

  • A family of two-term fee $350.00,

  • Family of three $450.00 per term. One term is 90 days.

  • Starter Pack Special per student Includes($350.00 to $380.00-depending on karate uniform size): Membership for 1  term, Karate Uniform, Annual JKA Affiliation, and  JKA Passport.

Please pay directly to:
Japan Karate Association Auckland.
Account No: 12-3011 0825925 00


1st Term
January, February and March

2nd Term
April, May and June

3rd Term
July, August and September

4th Term
October, November and December

We have two short months in the year. They are January and December. We have taken the two short months in consideration of our fees structure. We have training throughout the year during school holidays. We normally break for Christmas around the 15th December to 15th January.


Grading Fees


Kyu Grades  $75 includes JKA Headquarters Certificate

Dan Grades as per JKA Headquarters schedule


Special seminars and events


Advised prior to a particular event.


Visitor Fees


We enjoy visitors training with us, even for short durations and this is one of the benefits of the JKA system — wherever you are in the world, there will likely be a JKA dojo close by that teaches the same style. JKA members are welcome to wear their current belts. For others, please consult our instructors. Fees for visitors are as follows:

  • Adults and Students $20.00 per class

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